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Winter shopping at Nenè Boutique

Nenè Boutique is still open every Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 7pm. There will be a full time re-opening for Christmas shopping!
From the 21st of December we wait you every day! We will be ready with some new outfits for the winter and esepcially the holiday season. You can find many options, funny and comfy, but mostly made in Italy and with good prices.

Christmas gifts!

A lot of Christmas gift deas can be find in our boutique. Not only dresses but also accesories like bijoux, scarfs..
You are not sure about your gifts? You also have the option to buy a gift card that can be used in the next 6 months. This mean you will be able to see and check the new Spring and Summer collection of 2020!

Nenè Boutique in Bellagio

Bellagio is always great to be visit. Come and check our boutique offer and take advantage of a day off to visit the center. It’s little stairs and streets, but also the arcade by the lake are even more charming during the holiday season with all the xmas decorations. You can stop for a hot chocolate as an afternoon snack or decide to have lunch or dinner in one of the restaurants/pizzeria open all year round.