Christmas on Lake Como: Italian Christmas traditions

Italian Christmas traditions come from many years ago. The origins are christian and the day we celebrate is the 25th of December. It’s a very special holiday in Italy that correspond to the birth of Jesus.
During these days families spend time together and, as usual for italians, they share and show love through the food. Cooking all reunited without thinking to the diet for a few days!

Christmas food tradition

Food during Christmas time is carachterized by abundance and taste.
Many are the typical dishes during this season and they change from the north to the south of the country. Generally on the 24th night we celebrate having fish as the dinner it is supposed to be more light. Then on the 25th for lunch we have more heavy and tasty plates like main courses based on pasta and meats.
On the 26 is use to have all the left overs of the previous days. But we never miss the typical Christmas sweets: Pandoro and Panettone. The first one is a kink of soft and plane sponge cake. The second one is filled with raisins and candied fruits.

Christmas gifts

Gifts are another tradition during this period. We use to exchange gifts with family and friends, especially for the youngest that are waiting for Santa Claus to bring them toys.
We also have some decorations that you will see all over the country, inside the houses and outdoors. This are in particoular pine trees and nativity scenes. Maybe the first ones more common in the north of the country and the nativity scenes more in the south.

What to do on Lake Como during Christmas days

The best thing to do during Christmas time would be for sure stay with an Italian family! Share with a local family our tradition is the only way to really feel the Christmas atmosphere!
For sure every family is different, but everyone have it’s own typical traditions to respect!

To taste special Christmas food you will also find a lot of good restaurants where to have Christmas lunch, maybe is the easiest way to feel a bit as a local!

The only rule on Christmas day is: rest and eat as much as you can!!

If you are in Italy or on lake Como during this Christmas holiday enjoy it and Merry italian 2019 xmas!