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Center lake villas

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Center lake villas

Lake Como must see

Lake Como is famous not only for its beauty but also for the amazing architecture. Center lake villas are just one of the many attractions we have on the shores. If you are coming to visit this area we higly reccomend you to spend a day visinting the amazing building with colourfull gardens. Many villas are open for months and often host events.

villa monastero
Villa Melzi Bellagio

Defenetly the most famous in Bellagio, Villa Melzi is a bright white elegant building on the Como’s side shore. From both the entrance you can buy a ticket and visit the huge garden by the lake with many spieces of plants and flowers. They often organize events and theres also a museum telling the family’s history.

Villa Carlotta

Villa Carlotta is in the village of Tremezzo. From Bellagio you can easily reach it by boat and then take a little walk by the lake. This is one of the few villas you can visit also inside. The original forniture and details brimngs you back in the days when the reachest families used to spend some of the holiday on their summer house. The garden is a masterpiece and especially during spring colours are amazing. The bloomings can be seen even from the opposite side of the lake.


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