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Walking itinerary around Bellagio

By 24 September 2022October 3rd, 2022No Comments

Walking itinerary around Bellagio

From Bellagio center

A Walking itinerary around Bellagio will let you discover most of the area through a nice walk. You will discover the most hidden hamlets away from the crowded center of Bellagio. From here you can start and walking with the lake on your right. You will reach the Villa Melzi garden. This worth a visit and you will arrive in the hamlet of Loppia. From Loppia walking for a few minutes on the main road, you will reach the hamlet of San Giovanni.

To San Giovanni

Once in San Giovanni you can enjoy a tasty break in our dely Nenè Food. Here coffes, aperitivos and more will recharge yoy! San Giovanni is small and walking in the little lanes you will reach the main church by the lake, on a picturesque little harbour with a stunning view on the mountains. From San Giovanni if you walk back on the main street just fro a few meters, you can reach the hamlet of Guggiate and get the stair called La Derta. Once on top in the little square of Suire on your left you will find another little ancient stair that will lead you till the Vialone.

Till Pescallo

The Vialone is a long piece of grass that will lead you on the side of Pescallo hamlet. Following the main street after a few minutes of walk you can start going down till the lake in Pescallo bay. Take a deep breath on the little beach enjoying the breeze and the unforgettable view. But also something special in the restaurant La Pergola.

Pescallo bay Bellagio

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