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San Giovanni hamlet

San Giovanni hamlet

The origin

San Giovanni hamlet is on of the many parts of Bellagio borned along the shores. It was very common in the past to live on the lake thanks to the fishing business. Thats why many houses and storage where built close to the water. Here families used to work with their boats and support their needs. San Giovanni has borned on the lake side of Como city. Easy to reach from Bellagio center by car, by boat or walking.

The evolution

During the years the fishing activities decrease. Many families moved to big cities to find more opportunities of work. Because of this villages started to get emptied. San Giovanni hamlet as many other parts of Bellagio where for long time almost completely closed. No business where running and many houses where closed for years. Here is where our dad Andrea was born and raised by his family. Andreas dream was to make San Giovanni live again. Thats why our family decided to renew all the properties.


Thanks to our dad andrea and his dream, today San Giovanni is again populated. Not only the locals but also tourist love every day more to spend time in this part of bellagio. Apart from the crowd of the center, San Giovanni hamlet is calm and well serviced. Other than our apartments and rooms with breakfast you can find our dely Nenè Food. A great breakfast or an apartitivo is a must! Enjoing italian pleasure will make you happy and satisfied.

San Giovanni alley

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