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New season

Ready to start again

Every year is a new challenge for us! The New season is always exciting and usually starts around Easter. During winter we use to work a lot to improve our business and give the best to our guests. Organizing the properties and planning the work require lot of time. Not only to give the best but also to be satisfy and greatfull.

The family business

Our family business was born more than 15 years ago. Thanks to our mum Carla we had the opportunity to continue welcoming people into our amazing Bellagio. She started renewing family properties and renting to tourists who wants to visit the pearl of lake Como. Since a few years my sister Alissa and I are running the family business tryting to improve every year.

portrait of nenè family in Bellagio
Our goal

Experience acquired year after year teached us what guests love to live when in Bellagio. Hospitality is always a gift as let us know different cultures. Our goal is to give always new opportunities to our guests and imporve our spaces and services. Even more after these covid years we want to give the best and make people happy. The best gift is defenetly when people love to stay with us and decide to return. During these years we have met many clients who become friends!

Nenè services

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