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Meet Our Family

Andrea, the father architect, and Carla, the retired mother who worked as accounting for Bellagio‘s municipality. Clizia, the oldest daughter, graduated in architecture with a creative personality. Alissa, the youngest daughter, is a psycologist but choose to work in the family business.





The father represent the design, the mother is pragmatism. Clizia is creativity while Alissa hospitality. All these different features helps to work  together in a great team.

Only one is the goal: to promote the territory and local excellences.
But also to make unique the experience of a comfortable and welcoming reality.

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Nenè Bellagio

A family business since 2003

Nenè Bellagio is hospitality, design and food.
Apartments, B&B, cafè, event location and experiences, this is what you'll find with Nenè.
Our business is the way we share our love for the territory.
We want to show you the best of our region and what it offers, across the most intimate daily local life. We want to make you feel the atmosphere, aroma and flavors.

nene family bellagio
Our history

San Giovanni,
our headquarter

San Giovanni hamlet is where our heart live. Everything started from here in 1953, in these narrow streets on Lake Como shore. A hidden gem in Bellagio that few people know but everybody love to discover.

Here you can really feel and breathe italian autenticity. You'll fell in love with the quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Just after your visit you will really understand what we mean.

You will discover a place where history, familiarity, handcraft and love for the own territory are linked. You'll remember this beauty and maybe...
you'll come back to your home away from home!

nene family bellagio
Our Logo

Nenè meaning

After over 15 years of work, we have decided to join all our businesses under one logo with the name of "Nenè" which is the acronym of our surname (Negrini) then just doubled (ne+ne).

In our logo we say "The italian touch" which is what we want to offer to all our guests and clients.

Meet Our Team






+39 339 120 6847

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Nenè Bellagio

The Italian Touch

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