Nenè Bellagio is a Family business since 2003…


Andrea, the father architect, and Carla, the retired mother who worked as accounting for Bellagio‘s municipality. Clizia, the oldest daughter, graduate in architecture with a creative personality. And then Alissa, the youngest daughter, psycologist who left the just started career to work in the family business.

The family

The father’s designs, the mother is pragmatism, Clizia’s creativity and Alissa’s hospitality. Different personalities that represent different aspects in a team work.

Severals aspects with a unique goal: promote the territory and local products. But also to make live the experience of a comfortable and welcoming reality.

nene family bellagio

The hamlet of San Giovanni

As in the memory of those who lived in the past, a place where history, familiarity, handcraft and love for the own territory are linked. This to leave a pleasent memory of a still authenthic place.

Nenè Bellagio accommodation, food, boutique and kitchen are an ideal place where reveal our familiarity and willingness toward our guests to tell them about the area and what it offers, across the most intimate daily local life to be able to fell the atmosphere, aroma and flavors

nene family bellagio

The new logo

After having introduced ourselves and after over 15 years of work, we have decided to join all our businesses under one logo: Nenè which is the acronym of our surname Negrini (nè+nè), then just doubled.

In our logo we say “The italian touch” which is what we want to offer to all our clients. Then we express the different business we are busy in: accommodation, boutique, food, kitchen

nene family

Please join us on Lake Como, you’re always welcome!