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Bellagio skyrace

By 22 October 2022No Comments

Bellagio skyrace

How it started

Bellagio skyrace was born from an idea of the Bellagio citizens passioned about run and mountain. Nature is the setting where the paticipants wanted to re-evaluete natural paths. many are the routs on our mountains that they wanted to make more famous through sports. This amazing run starts from the shore of Bellagio and arrive till the top of the San Primo mountain.

trekking in bellagio

The Bellagio skyrace program is describe in details on their website. Here you can check how to subscirbe, where to start and what time, whats requested to be a participant. Usually the day before the race they distribute harnesses and get the signing up. On the race day they will start around 9.00 am and the final award ceremony is aroun 15:00pm.


There are three different routs during the day of the bellagio skyrace. The longest one that starts from Bellagios shore, arrive on top of the San Primo mountain, you will than run along the mountains and then go back down on the lake. The half skyrace rout doesnt have the part of the run on the mountains, so once on the top you will start going down straight away. The mini skyrace is for kids from 5 till 12 years old and of course it has a shorter rout.

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