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Loppia hamlet

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Loppia hamlet


Loppia hamlet borned when the Duch Francesco Melzi D’eril decided to built there his holiday villa. The huge building with a very big garden includes with all its properties almost half of the hamlet. The style is Neoclassic and the architect wanted to represent the importance of the owner in a sophisticated way.


Nowadays in the hamlet of Loppia you can find one of the few little harbour of Bellagio. Here you can start with a boat tour on the lake. theres also a quite big beach where to relax, sunbathing and take a fresh bath. The restaurant Alle Darsene is located in one of the old storage of Villa Melzi. Here food is just great and we hardly recommend you to try it. Always better to book in advance if you want to be sure to find a table. A visit to the Villa Melzi garden is worth it. The big garden is open to the public just buing a ticket. You can also visit a little museum and walk through huge bushes of azalee.

walking around bellagio

Loppia hamlet is located by the lake on the Como shore. It is between Bellagio center and the hamlet of San Giovanni. You can reach it walking through the Villa Melzi garden or even with the turistic train which has a stop there. In Loppia you can arrive by boat too but you wont find free spaces where to leave your private one. So the best choice would be to spend a day on the lake with a private boat tour and ask the driver lo dropp you in this enchanting corner.


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