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Lake ComoWine and food

Typical lake food

Typical lake food

The tradition

As lake Como is surrounded by mountains, the typical lake food is not just made of fish but also of a flour dough. The tradition taught us to create tasty dishes with raw materials given by nature. The first people living on the lake used to survive thanks to fishing and hunting. And of course the typical lake food is still based on this. here we will suggest you how to make two of the many tasty plates we have.

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Riso e filetto recipe

The ingredient you need for this recipe are: white rise, butter, salt, sage, persico fish fillet, white flour. Firts make the rise boli in some salty water. Meanwhile bread the fish fillet and then let them frie in some butter with sage. Once the rise is cooked drain it and season it with melted butter and parmisan cheese. Put the rise in the middle of a plate and on top lay the fish fillet. Enjoy it!

Toc recipe

Making toc requires tecnique and many hours. Its not possible to be done by yourself. The ingredinet are just flour, water, salt, butter and cheese. In a big and typical pan called paiolo first they make boil some water with salt. Then they slowly add flour and keep mixing with a big woodden spoon. Once the dough start to get hard, they slowly add little pieces of butter. And last of cheese. Always mixing and making all the infredient cook for hours. In the end you will have a quite hard dough to be eaten from a woodden spoon with your hands.

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