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The center of Bellagio

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The center of Bellagio

The history

The first talking about Bellagio was Pliny the Younger in the century before A.D. He owned two villas in this area where he used to go for fishing and hunting. For its strategic position Bellagios territory become the object of contention many times. the village was run for many years by the city of Como and then part of the Duchy of Milan with the Visconti family. From the napoleonic time Bellagio became famous for its beauty and many villas where built for holiday.


The beauty of Bellagio never go out of fashion and still today the village is famous all over the world. Thats why a few years ago in Las Vegas they reproduced part of the village whit an hotel called like the city. Many are the tourists coming every year to visit Bellagio and its beautiful area. Gardens, villas, shorea and much more will enchant you. Dont hesitate to text us and book your staying!

What to do

Many are the things you can do in Bellagio. For its position between lake and mountains you can enjoy this area either in summer or in winter. Lake tours, hiking, skying are just few of the activities we can offer. Visiting historical villas and amazing botanical garden or even shopping the best made in Italy are easy while here for an holiday. Bellagio is often choose also for weeddings and celebrtions as its unique landscape will be forever in your memories.

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