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Lake Como

Villa Balbianello

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Villa Balbianello

The villa history

Villa Balbianello is probably the most famous one on lake Como. It was built at the end of the 18th century. Originally was a religious monastery that was then expanded. Overlooking the shores lake, it has an unmistakable shape. The villa has been abandoned for many years. Than an american bought the entire property and create the amazing garden we can still visit.

A FAI treasure

The last owner of the villa decided to leave it to the FAI Foundation. The foundations goal is to maintain national treasure alive and let them be visited by people. The FAI Foundation want to protect historical and artistic italian landscape. Therefore all along the national italian land many are the property owned by the FAI Foundation. Noy only you will be amused by the beauty of these masterpieces. But also design, architecture and buildings tecniques are all showed in these pieces of art.

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From Bellagio

From Bellagio it is easy to reach the villa. You have to arrive in the village of Lenno, many are the public or private boats that can take you there. Then it takes just a few minutes to walk till the villas garden and buy the ticket. You will take a long walk into the wood and reach the lake garden. There you can also decide if to vist the main building of the villa and the museum.