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Christmas Market in Como and more…

By 23 November 2019December 2nd, 2019No Comments

Christmas market in Como

Christmas market in Como is defenetly another reason why to visit lake Como in this period. Many are the stands all around the city of Como that sells typical products. You will always find food, handcrafts goods, natural beauty products and more. In the middle of these you will also see the ice skating area, always full of kids but also older people that during xmas season return to be child again.

The magic light festival in Como

This festival is an event every year more famous. Because the city of Como during the Christmas holiday season is enlightened by millions of colourfull lights. Como is an attraction for many people, local and turists that want to see this amazing show and be overwelmed by the xmas feeling.
And even more magic is the event all around Lake Como with lights that enlight more then 40 buildings by the lake!

Be sure to get your cruise ticket!

The builing’s facades

More then 40 buildings’ facade are painted thanks to hundreds of projectors. These make them animated with colourfull shapes in movement.
Since almost 25 years many people use to return to see this unforgettable show.
The most famous is in Como centre, next to the Christmas Market. Where, in the square of Broletto, the ancient stone tower get animated and speaks moving a big mouth that tells fairy tales to the youngest. While on the nearest facade you can see fantastic characters.
Other amazing buildings that has to be seen with all the lights are the dome and the “Casa del Fascio”. Basically one behind the other, with the music in their square, become a spectacular show.

Christmas Athmosphere

Christmas athmosphere and feeling is amazing. You will love this Christmas market in Como and all activities and shopping items you will find there.

It’s never to late to feel that feeling that bring us back to our childhood! Go there and ejoy it!