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Villa Monastero – Varenna

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Villa Monastero in Varenna


Villa Monastero, is one of the most interesting attractions around Lake Como. This thanks to its strategic location, history, landscape, environment and the different services it can offer. The House Museum, the historical and noble residence can be visited following a charming itinerary.

Villa Monastero is also an international Conference Centre.  Here in the year 1954, the Nobel prize winner Enrico Fermi held some lessons. The Villa offers rooms and facilities to hold meetings, conferences, seminars, training activities, workshops. Also cultural events were taken in this unforgettable and beautiful setting.

Every year the Italian Society of Physics organizes its prestigious courses at the Villa Monastero. Spectacular and fascinating botanical Garden  sorrounds the villa. This extends for two kilometres on lake Como, from Varenna to Fiumelatte.

Villa Monastero and Varenna is a perfect one-day tour from Bellagio. Catching the ferry you will be there in few minutes from San Giovanni hamlet or Bellagio centre. There are many boats per day crossing to Varenna.

Varenna village


The village of Varenna is one of the most beautiful on lake Como.
The walk on the lake from the ferry stop worth a visit. This is all by the lake and arrives in the tiny square on the little harbour. Once there why not having a typical italian gelato, sitting in front an unforgettable view. Many are also the restaurants where to have a tasty lunch by the lake.
From Varenna you can also walk up till Castello di Vezio, an old castle with a stunning view on the lake and the promontory of Bellagio.

villa monastero