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Lake Como

Villa Melzi Bellagio – amazing botanical garden on Lake Como

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Bellagio Villa Lago di Como

Melzi d’Eril family

Francesco Melzi d’Eril choose Bellagio to build a summer residence in 1808-1810. Nowadays Villa Melzi in Bellagio is a symbol of the centre lake area and one of the most visited villa.

At that time the land where he decided to build was cultivated with vineyards and olive groves.
Villa Melzi has been designed from the architect who was in charge of the Milano’s duke properties. The inside and out works took over five years. As you can see nowadays the result is a unique example of neoclassical architecture in Lombardy.

Architecture of the Villa

The most represetative caractheristic is the white facade stood out well against a rich backdrop of exuberant vegetation.
The facade of the villa is amazing with its regular intervals due to windows and cornices. Furthermore the majestic steps at the building entrance led straight into an impressive entance hall.

Contrary to the outside style inside the villa is very rich in details and decorations. Unfortunately nowadays it is possible to visit just the gardens. The inside of the main building is private.

Villa melzi garden

Villa Melzi botanical Garden

The magnificient garden surrounding the villa was the very first example in the area of English garden. The garden was completed around 1815 by Canonica and Villoresi (who together designed also the park at Villa Reale in Monza).

Furthermore in the enormous garden which is open to the midday sun there is an abundance of plants, even some tropical kind of plants. In the garden there are also some works of art by the worldwide known italian artist Canova, and a new collaboration with a contemporary artist.

Abele vadacca have its own private laboratory in the Villa Garden and he organize shows or painting classes for who want to have a special day on Lake Como. You can find more info here.

We suggest you to visit Villa Melzi botnaical garden and have a walk, getting lost, discovering the most hidden part of the garden on the top of the hill.
You can visit the garden on your own or booking a guided tour, anyway will be amazing and a great experience.
Being in a special place with amazing views along the lake…you won’t forget it!