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Orrido Bellano – a must see on Lake Como

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Orrido Bellano, a must see on lake Como!


The village of Bellano is just next to Varenna and can be easily reach by boat or train.

The silence of wildlife is broken by the roar of the Pioverna river, that forms waterfalls, rapids and splashes. Pioverna flows into the Orrido di Bellano gully, as a result we can admire a natural canyon created 15 million years ago. Due to the canyon we need footbridges to walk through the gully. The walk is through a luxuriant vegetation, which calls to mind a real jungle.

What is Orrido di Bellano?


Orrido Bellano is a natural gorge formed over the centuries by the flowing waters of the Pioverna. The dark sinuous recesses, the gloomy rumble of the turbulent waters have been a source of inspiration for many a writer. Therefore Orrido Bellano is the most famous tourist spot in the area.
The “Cà del Diavol” or “Devil’s house” evokes collective fears of the devil and satanic rituals. This is a little tower you will find just next the entrance of the orrido. You can see it also by the street and close the railway.

A concrete walkway allows visitors to admire the beauty of a truly unique place. The orrido is easily accessible and you can by tickets at the etrance. It will take you just a few minutes to arrive at end of the footbridge. You will feel capture by nature and embrace by an unbelievable landscape. The fresh air create by the waterfall will caress you face. Even in summer the temperature into the orrido is defenetly lower than outside of it.

How to get there


You can get to Orrido Bellano easily by boat from Bellagio centre or Bellagio San Giovanni. The central lake ferry boat stops in Bellano village.

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