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15th of August: Ferragosto!!

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ferragosto beach

Ferragosto (What is?)


The 15th of August is called Ferragosti in Italy. And is a national holiday for us. This festivity have a great history, comes from the Roman period and has pagan origin. It was the day when farmers where off from work.
The name of the festivity “ferragosto” means “Augustu’s break” (Augustus was the first Roman emperor, the same who give the name to the 8th month of the year).

The church

In the VII century made this day a Christian holiday as correspond to the Virgin Assumption. Thats why in many places “Ferragosto” is still celebrated by the local church with processions and a mass.

Fun day with friends!

Ferragosto is usually celebrated with friends. Is a funny summer day that can be a trip, a daily excursion or a barbecue with family and friends.
Almost everything is closed in the main city but not in the turistic places where forein turists but also italians are planty in this summer period.

On lake Como some oprions to celebrate this day are:

– a boat trip

– a barbecue

– a day on the beach

– hike with lunch in a local restaurant