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Lake Como villas

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Lake Como villas

A tour in the most famous villas

If you are staying on lake Como you defently have to organize a day to go visiting the most amazing villas we have on the shores. Lake Como has been choosen since the 19th century as the best place where to have a holiday house for the rich people from Milan and around. Easy to reach and with an unfergettable landscape, lake Como is the perfect place where to relax.

Bellagio Villa Melzi

Villa Melzi in Bellagio is defently on of the most famous we have on lake Como. Easy to be visited, you can buy a ticket and enter or from Loppia hamlet or from Bellagio center just next to the Lido. The garden is huge and great, of course by the lake and there is also a museum that tells you about the family history. Check their website for more infos and dont miss this beauty!

Bellagio Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni

Not many people know that the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio was born as a private holiday house. During the war it was transformed in an hospital and finally became an hotel. You can decide to have a break there with a coffe or an aperitivo, but also have lunch by the pool. Then you could have a walk in the garden by the lake to visit this beautiful place. Check their website for more infos or to book something special.


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