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Italian carnival

By 26 February 2022July 28th, 2022No Comments

Italian carnival

The tradition

Italian carnival is a tradition that started in the era of the ancient Rome. It has become a religious tradition but it started as a pagan celebration. Its celebrate every year in the month of February. The origin of the name is latin and means “to get rid of the meat”. as the last day of Carnival was celebrate with a lot of food before the beginning of the Easter.

Italian carnival
The celebration

Since the beginnig the Italian carnival has been celebrate as a moment of sharing. Not only banqueting but also a time to party. People get use to dress up and organize parades. In Italy almost every place has a carnival parade where the best dress is going to be awarded. As in every moment of celebration also carnival ha sis typical food. In the noth of italy we use to eat some sweets called chiacchere and tortelli.

Carnival celebration
The holiday

In Italy we have holiday for carnival from North to South. The biggest celebration is taken in Venice where millions of people go to see the worldwide known parade. There many artisans spend the whole year to prepare the masks and dresses. Costumes are defenetly piece of art and old once can be admire in many museums.

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