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Sport at Lake Como

By 11 September 2021No Comments

Sport at lake Como

Many activities to be done

Spending a holiday on the lake gives you the possibility to do many different sports. As we are between water and mountains the choice is wide. This also gives the opportunity to have sports for kids, adults, more strong, more soft… everybody can find what suite the best. Here we will give you some suggestions and ideas about what we have all around the lake area.

Water sports

If you are a water lover many are the sports you can do at the lake. First of all swimming along the shores, which is free and refresching. Then you can book a boat with an instructor to do water sky. You can also decide to rent a kayak or a sup and go discovering our wonderful lake. And last but not least kite surf in the corner on the lake where the wind is stronger.

Land sports

If you are a mountain lover you can defenetly go hiking. Many are the pathways we have around the lake. You can choose the one that suites you the best. You can walk alla around our stunning villages. Or why not running along the lake shores. One more you can rent a bike, electric or not based on your capacity and strenght.


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