Best villas on lake Como: our top 4

Here you can find a selection of the best villas on Lake Como. We choose four villas in the centre lake area that worth a visit!

This villas are a must that you need to visit while spending some days with us. Lake Como is very famous also for its amazing villas. Many of them are open to the pulic and they defenetly worth a visit. Their gardens and buildings are spectacular. The architecture and design of the best villas on lake Como will impress you as they are historical pieces.

Villa Balbianello

The firts of the best villas on Lake Como is defenetely Villa Balbianelli.
Villa Balbianello is breathless for it’s unique position over the lake. The Villa is perfectly conserved with original furnitures and a great history!
The guided tour is the only way to visit the villa but every second will be extremely interesting.
The garden is also stunning, perfectly keep. Sring and autumn are the best days to be here.

For sure weddings in Villa Balbianello are unforgettable!

Villa balbianello

Villa Melzi

You defently can miss Villa Melzi and its amazing garden. Villa Melzi garden is recognized as one of the best italian gardens.
The most iconic days to visit Villa Melzi are during the famous Camelia Festival. During this festival you can admire flower blooming in an enchanted landscape.
The villa is private and is closed to visitors.

Villa melzi garden

Villa Carlotta

Villa Carlotta worth a visit and you’ll need at least half day.
The garden of the villa is huge, you can get lost and walks around, up and down from the hill. Once you’re there do not miss the olives garden on the top. Just sit there, breathe and enjoy the view!

Villa Serbelloni

Villa Serbelloni or Rockfeller foundation is a private villa that is famous all over the world. In this location US government hosts a lot of important people for meetings and cultural appoinments.
The Villa is strictly under surveillance but the garden can be visited. The huge garden is the iconic Bellagio promontory and can be visited twice per day. Guided tour are organized from Promobellagio, a local small association that promote Bellagio.

Check on the website of Promobellagio for more infos.