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Yoga Experience in Bellagio – Nenè space4U

Yoga experience is everytime a new journey through yourself!


Dedicating an hour to yourself is somenthing very special. Its a gift you can do to your person. It’s a phisical and mental experience. This can help you concentrate on your soul.
Odaka yoga can be considered a combination of sport and meditation. Every person feels every practice in a very personal way. That is why yoga can be also a time where to measure with other people.

This practice makes you learn something new about yourself and your surroundings. It gives you a positive energy that can help you deal the day and generally life with a smile. This practise reminds you to be greatfull every single moment for all the blessings we have. Even little details like a sunny day, an happy kid, a family moment has to be appriciate and not passed by.

Having the opportunity to do a yoga experience in Bellagio its such a great experience to try! In a small and ancient hamlet like San Giovanni time pass slowly and the atmosphere is of pure relax.

Where, when and how

We practice at Nenè space4U, an open space room but also in the park  surrounded by nature, green and singing birds (according with weather). This makes you able to dream for an hour and teach you how to take care of yourself with just a few simple advices. This suggestions are given by our teachers and everyone can embrace them through its personal beliefes.

We will welcome you all on Saturday mornings at 8.30 for an hour of yoga experience in San Giovanni hamlet. In a typical and authentic Bellagio’s situation, we will practice all together. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an advanced in yoga skills. Everyone can start at any lesson and do what he fells more comfortable with.


We want to make you start the day with a powerfull and positive energy!
See you on Saturday morning!

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