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Nenè Kitchen cooking class

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Nenè Kitchen cooking class

How to learn italian couisine

The best way to learn how to cook italian is to be part of a cooking class. In our Nenè Kitchen in San Giovanni hamlet we can give you this opportunity too. You can book a private one or be part of a group and learn italians secrects. Taking a cooking class is a great way to be part of our culture and enjoy tasty food.

Tailor made cooking class
Nenè Kitchen

Part of our family business in San Giovanni hamlet is Nenè Kitchen. A big and new space that has been made in an old bakery shop. In the original stone walls you can still see the sign of the old bakery oven. The design is contemporary and with all the necessary forniture to enjoy your class.

Nen[ Kitchen
Cooking class

Every cooking class can be taylor made. You can choose to book a private one or a group one. Or ask what you would like to cook and later stay in to enjoy what you create. Than you could also decide to rent Nenè Kitchen with a private chef that will cook for you and your beloved to live an italian experience. Text us if you want any further information and we will be pleased to help you!

private cook at nenè kitchen

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