Travel safely to Italy after COVID-19

Travel safely to Italy

has never been so important

And we know it! For this reason we want you to know what we are doing and how we are organized. Our aim is to make sure your holidays on Lake Como will be great! We have followed all the rules set out in the Safe Reception Protocol COVID-19 and added a little more to give you the certainty that with us you will travel safely to Italy.


Cleaning and Sanitizing

Each room and apartment is regularly cleaned and sanitized after each check-out. The apartment will be thoroughly cleaned every time. That's why we decided to be (a bit) less flexible on check-in and check-out times. We prefer to sacrifice flexibility with respect to cleaning, each apartment needs more time to be perfect for you. We are sure you will understand us!

Safe Check-in

To avoid contacts as much as possible we are ready to introduce individual and completely independent check-in. We will be with you, always available, we can do everything completely safely through our mobile.
Again we decided to sacrifice one of the best parts of our job, meet our guests, to protect everyone's safety! We hope you will appreciate it and we hope to return to normal ASAP!

Linen and Towels

Our linen is managed by an external professional laundry. This choice guarantees the maximum professionalism and cleanliness of the fabrics, treated with products suitable for sanitation. The best choice is to rely on professionals!

Safety and Privacy

Our apartments do not have common areas, that's why we can guarantee privacy and the possibility of being in total safety, isolated. We also guarantee the possibility of having individual outdoor spaces, courtyards, terraces and balconies, in order to enjoy your stay as much as you can!
The common stairs, where present, are sanitized daily and continuously ventilated. At the entrance of the structure, hand sanitizing gel will be available and the use of the mask will be mandatory.


We have minimized everything that could be superficial. We decided to replace all guests useful informations with a digital version. All you need will now be in your mobile and downloadable! There will no longer be the need to have maps, timetables and other potentially dangerous surfaces.

Extra and More

We added some new useful services to those who want to live their holiday in safety, but without missing any experience.
Private and outdoor activities to enjoy all the beauty that our lake offers us! We are lucky to live immersed in nature, don't miss the chance to enjoy it!

These are just few of the things we are doing to improve us and allow you to travel in safety to our country!
We are ready to start again and even better! We’re just waiting for you!

If you want to travel but you’re not sure when you can, have a look at this offer! If you book in advance you can help us in this situation and you’ll get a great deal, and sure, you will travel safely to Italy with us!

to be informed about italian COVID-19 situation check this page