Here we are, 2021 is finally arrived and we were strongly waiting for the new year!
At this point we would like to share few thoughts with you. In these day we thought about last year and what we want to bring with us to move into 2021, for our new beginning.

We want to be short and giving you a small list of key words about what we learned:

  • grateful, about where we live
  • family and friends,  is what we missed the most
  • time, improve quality of our lives giving us the time we need

If you agree with us and you think that  something in your life has to change, that your priorities have to change: please just spend 12 minutes to see the next video.

The psychiatrist Robert Waldinger explain us in a very clear way “What keeps us happy and healthy as we go through life”. A long-life study confirm us whats seems so obvious but so hard to put into practice…

Nenè family aim for the new year is don’t forget what we learned and reinvent our lives to live a life of value, for a new beginning.

Our hope is that your 2021 will be a brilliant year, full of love, hope and reinvention!
We wish you to be happy and conscious.

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