Saint Valentines day in Bellagio


Bellagio is the perfect idea to celebrate in the romantic frame of Lake Como.
Spending the day of love with your beloved in Bellagio can be unforgettable, even more if planned with every details in advance.
Saint Valentines day on the Lake will be defenetly memorable if planned as a suprise. You will make your beloved feel even more blessed as surrounded by love in a pictoresque landscape like Lake Como.

Who is Saint Valentine?

Saint Valentain is famous all over the world but it was born in Italy as a catholic festivity around the 500 d.c.
Saint Valentines day is celebrate on the 14th of February, day of dead of Valentine.
 Saint Valentine is the guardian of all the lovers becuase was the first bishop that celebrate a wedding between a pagan men and a chatolic woman.

Around 1400 this celebration became the day that we use to celebrate nowadays, probably thanks to a poem of Geoffrey Chaucer.

Our gift for all lovers around the world…

Choose the best accommodation for you and your beloved.
We will be happy to offer you both a romantic aperitivo with local products and some sweet atmosphere.
You can choose to find it in the acommodation or to have it in our dely in San Giovanni hamlet. Nenè Food will be ready for the new season and happy to welocme you.

Just text us if you are intrested in the aperitivo and we will make find everything ready!


Lots of love to all of you!
Nenè Bellagio