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Poetry slam at Nenè by Simone Savogin

By 22 May 2019 May 25th, 2019 No Comments

What is Poetry Slam:


Poetry slam is a way of communication. It was born in the 80i es in the Usa. The main porpouse is to spread poetry.
The slammers act verses and want to capture peoples attention. As a consequence they want to make poetry less annoying than how as been in the lasts years.

Acting a poet in a kind of rap way can be really capturing. Especially for young people who are quite annoyed by the conventional way of studing poetry at school. As Simone Savogni said at the Nenè’s presentation “Every time a guy buy my book I’m the happiest”. Indeed this powerfull way of communication can drive young boys to read. Reading is an hobby not so common anymore. Especially among people who are force to do it at school in a boring way.

Simone Savogin at Nenè Bellagio


Simone Savogini is one of the first italian slammer. He made a presentation of his book “Scriverò finchè avrò voce” (I will wright till I’ll got voice) at Nenè Space 4you.
As he said he became part of this world by chance. One day on the train he used to take to go to Milan daily he met a man. This man asked Simone to slam something at an event. Simone agreed even he never did that before. But as he is a wrinter and has been working in music for many years he accepted the challenge.

Simone Savogini is now quite famous in Italy. He took part in the tv show Italia’s got talent and got to the final.
Many are the authors that are now asking him to be part of shows in theatre, concerts, events and more.
Simone is also one of the founder of the LIPS. The acronym means italian association poetry slam. The LIPS organizes poetry slam championship around Italy.

To know more about Simone and the poetry slam visit his website.
It has been a great experience for us to have him as a guest and being able to listen live to his talent!

Poetry slam