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Kids event

By 17 July 2021December 7th, 2021No Comments

Kids event

Illustrated book

Many are the family staying with us and kids are always welcome. On holiday is not always easy to entertain them. Here we want to suggest you an event that is made for kids and will let you spend with them some quality time.

Reading together

On Thursday the 22nd of July 2021 at 9:30pm in the park of Villa Olmo in Como you can partecipate at an event for kids. Reservation is needed but the entrance is free. Here they will read together a book and then every kid will receive the book as a present. There will be music and interpretation of the book with dancers.

Villa Olmo

One of the most famous places on the lake, Villa Olmo is rich of events especially during summer. The garden by the lake is perfect to host outside shows and just being in such a beautiful spot will worth the visit. You could spend the day in Como visiting the city and end up with this cool events perfect also for kids.


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