Lake Como events



A journey into the green

Another intresting event on lake Como will be on Sunday the 25 of July at 10:00am in the park of Villa del Grumello. Botany and horticulture are the main topic. During Ortolando with the naturalist Anna Bocchietti you will  take a journey through aromatic herbs.

The event

In this event you will make a knowledge and practice route into the botanical peculiarity of the Grumello garden. The naturalist Anna Bocchietti will lead you with her suggestions and information to deepen the argument. The Grumello vegetable garden respect the land and the surroundings. Its open to passionates of the green with its many kinds of herbs.

The location

Villa del Grumello is one of the many amazing villa we have on lake Como. With its big spaces and garden by the lake is perfect for events. Summer is the best season to oganize openair event and enjoy the landscape. Villa del Grumello is in Como and you can reach it by car or boat. Usually all the vents require reservation or a ticket.