Lake Como

Holiday in Italy

Holiday in Italy

Support our beautiful country

Italy is a safe country where to travel during the high season of 2021. We adopted all the necessary precautions for the Covid-19 emergency and we  are ready to welcome guests. Booking your holiday in Italy means helping our country to go back to normality after a very rough year.

Lake Como destination

Here in the North, in the area also known as the Lake one, we can suggest you many things to do and to visit. You can decide for a more relaxing holiday or for a bustling one. Lakes are great to live both beach days but also mountains excursions. Not to forget are the culinary excellences of Italy and the tasty food you will enjoy here.

Lake Como
Bellagio the pearl of the lake

Our village is also known as the pearl of lake Como as it is considered the best one on the shores. Situated on the promontory in the middle of Lake Como, Bellagio offers many accommodations where we are ready to welcome guests in safety. Having a holiday here will be unforgettable and you will defenetly come back.


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