Flower festival on Lake Como

The flower festival on Lake Como celebrate spring and Camelia blooming all around the lake.

Lake Como is famous for its natural charm. Its beauty increase during spring when all the flowers and plants are blooming. This is the reason why since a few years we have a Camelia flower festival on Lake Como dedicated to the Camelia flowers.

Camelia flowers

Camelia flowers are typical from eastern Asia, east Japan and Indonesia. There are more that 200 different species of Camelia and more of 3.000 hybrids.
Camelia were cultivated in China and Japan gardens for centuries before they were seen in Europe. The firts living  in Europe was in England in 1739.
This amazing flower is higly valued for their very easly flowering, often among the first flower to appear in late winter.

What’s happening this year

The festival this year is not yet organized, due to the well-known Covid-19. We still don’t know you can enjoy this phenomenal gardens with unforgettable camellias blooming.

If the villas will open at the middle of April, the festival will be working as every year.
With just one ticket you can visit Villa Melzi and Villa Carlotta gardens. The villas will be connected thanks to a ferry going to one side to the other to visit both villas in just one day.

Have a look at the website to check if there will be some news about it. And if we are going to miss this amazing show, don’t worry. We won’t miss it next year, and don’t forget that our gardens are amazing also during autumn days.

Look at the next pictures how autumn colours can be stunning too…

Villa balbianello
lake como villas and gardens