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COVID-19 in Italy: useful informations

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Covid-19 useful informations to travel to Italy:


We would like to share with you some useful informations about Covid-19 know also as Corona Virus.
The most important thing in this days is to be informed, safety come first but panic is not useful. Look for informations on the right platform and do not trust in everything you listen from media!

Be Informed and Be smart!

We want to give you some numbers (World Healt Organization):


82.104 cases all around the World (78.630 are in China)

45 countries reported with cases

2.800 death all around the world

481 cases spread around Europe and 14 death

Italy have 60.359.546 people leaving in.

Lombardy have 10.002.615 people leaving in.

In Italy we have 400 cases reported (at 27/02/20)

12 death on a 60.359.546 population in Italy


Italy in 7 days tested around 9.000 people (check out how many test other country did). Italian health is extremely efficient, that’s why we are in the top 10 of the world (Global Burden of Disease).

Being efficient, more then other european countries, now is the problem. We tested a lot of people, we found out a lot of cases.
This means be more efficient then other countries, not more dangerous.
We want to be sure that who have some symptom stay at home few days to do not affect other people. But who is positive can stay at home (not at the hospital), is not a dangerous situation as media says. This is not a mortal disease, except for few people categories.
Italian health and Italian government just want to protect who can be affected more seriously from a virus (every kind of virus), older people and immunodepressed people. Only this categories are at risk, but at risk like every winter when it’s easier to get sick.


Here you can find some useful and reliable website where to keep informed:


We hope that this informations can be useful for you and that can clarify some importants points.
Think about the numbers and do not listen just media disinformation!

Travel to Italy is safe!
Don’t miss our beautiful country just because you are not well informed!



Dont’miss this beauty!