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Trekking in Bellagio – La Dorsale

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Trekking in Bellagio means…amazing views on Lake Como


La Dorsale is an itinerary that follow part of the 2 days trekking called “La Dorsale del Triangolo Lariano“. This hike starts in Brunate and finishes in Bellagio. But we suggest you to start your walk in Bellagio and follows “La Dorsale” in the opposite direction.
Following this direction you will be in few hours at Bocchetta di Terrabiotta. This is one of the best views of the Triangolo Lariano area.


 Bellagio – Guggiate – Brogno – Rovenza – Parco Monte San Primo – Bocchetta Terrabiotta
Walking time one way: 4 hours

Trekking is the perfect way to discover the area enjoying amazing landscape, natural environment and the best views on Lake Como.
And that’s why we suggest you to have at least one trekking in Bellagio, to avoid crowd, relax and see the lake from the best point of view..from above!


bellagio position