Top 5 family activities on Lake Como

Here what we suggest for family activities on Lake Como, some experiences you can enjoy with your beloved. Many are the things you can plan to do in Bellagio. Not only en plain air but also indoor during cold or rainy days. In addition Lake Como is a great destination where to spend a holiday also with children. Top 5 family activities we propose you will make you experience some fun and quality time.

Top 5 family activities

Here is our top 5

1. First rent a boat and navigate close to the shores, discovering hidden beaches and secret spots;

2.  then spend a day by the pool in one of the many hotels we have in the village;

3. hiking on the mountains to discover our woods;

4. Furthermore renting a bike to run across the lake streets;

5. relax in Bellagio’s parks which are both equipped with kids toys.

Families in Bellagio

Families in Bellagio will defenetly have fun and quality time. Of course the secret is to plan as much as you can in advance and you will be able to experince many things. Equally important do not hesitate to ask us for more information. As a matter of fact we are always happy to help our clients and try to make them feel like home. Not to mention that a holiday with us has to be taylor made as much as possible.

We made a mini guide with our top 5 activities with our tips.
You can save it and use it to organize your holiday in Bellagio.

Enjoy it and don’t forget to ask for more details!