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Private cook – Antonella Coppola

By 18 March 2018 March 28th, 2019 No Comments

A Neapolitan private cook at Nenè Kitchen in Bellagio, Lake Como. cooking class on lake como

Antonella Coppola, hometown, Naples! A new interpretation of hospitality, with flavours inspired by old times, providing a unique service to those whising to plan a homemade event, lunch or happy hour with the autenticity of “Made in Italy” on Lake Como.

Antonella Coppola operates as a private cook at Nenè Kitchen or Nenè Space4You, her attributes are smile, approchability and kindness that will …………..

Nenè Kitchen means good food, design and cozyness!
Contact us for a customized private cook experience at Nenè Kitchen on Lake Como.


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