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Art Expo 2017 Bellagio – Nenè Space 4you

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The hidden magic of Lake Como as invisible essence that for centuries has inspired artists, writers, musicians, Bellagio Art Expo 2017, Invisible Worlds the fantastic encounter between landscape and art, where nature with its primeval beauty embraces the man’s talent, in search of the mysterious and transcendental “inspiration.”
Bellagio art expo 2017 is an ‘exposition of modern art and international contemporary art which will see its first edition in the Bellagio area of San Giovanni.

It s organized by A. EXPERIENTIA ARTIS an Art Gallery  that open his doors and choose  the charming and versatile Nenè Space 4you like the perfect  location for this unique art  exhbition. 
The village of San Giovanni, a small town with a traditional flavor will open to artists exhibiting within the premises and of the districts of this charming Italian village.
The audience that usually is fascinated by the tranquil waters of Bellagio will then have to this time the opportunity to discover fantastic scenarios that blend with the tradition of architecture and nature that transcend beauty for the ages, a perfect backdrop for the presentation of works ‘art will be selected to participate in the following categories:

Painting, sculpture,video,installation photography, digital art.

Art Expo 2017, Bellagio, from Sunday 30th April to Sunday 7th May 2017

On April 29th Inauguration and vernissage at Art Gallery  A. EXPERIENTIA ARTIS Via Rezia 24 and at charming Nenè space 4you Via dei Pescatori, 24-San Giovanni Bellagio Como. For more info: