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Lake Como

Lake Como Christmas Light

By 16 November 2019No Comments


enjoy your Lake Como Christmas Light experience!


Lake Como Christmas Light

On Lake Como, Christmas Light, is one of the newest initiative we have during the winter season.
From the 29th of Novembre to the 6Th of December 2020 more then 40 location aroun the lake will be enlighted! This is the perfect way to see our beautiful place by night and enlighten with all the Christmas decorations. Infact many are the people attract by this event.

Christmas lights and cruise

Lake Como Christmas light starts from Como city center, with the light going down on the mountain, will make you feel like sailing through a human scale nativity scene. This is the perception you will have, while the boat is silently sailing on the lake water through the dark of the night. Millions are the little lights that shine on the rivers and the slopes of the mountains. Approching the villages more bigger lights will define the churches and their bell tower.
Choose the cruise is the best option to enjoy the stunning landscape of from Como to Bellagio.

You can see the lights from the boat and even get off in few characteristic stops:


will be the first stop. The italian association Amici del Prersepio of Villa Mainona sets up beautiful nativity scene reproducing perfectly the lake Como scenary.


Could be the next stop. Once with the boat by the arcade along the lake, you will immediatly fall in love with the beauty of our amazing village. Strolling through the little stairs of the center you will be amused by the atmosphere of this italian treasuere.


Will welcome you with Christmas songs by two local groups. They will also lead you thorugh the little street full of Christmas decorations and italian style. You will also find a typical artisan market.