Lake Como Beach: the best of


Lake Como Beach are a lot and you can’t miss a relaxing weekend by the lake!

Here you will find some of the best beaches that we can suggest to you during your stay in Bellagio. But first you need to know some important things about Lake Como.


Firts of all Lake Como is one of the deepest italian lake, and we do not have sand on our beaches. That’s why can look a bit dark (and scary for some) but water is extremely clean! Secondly you need to know that there a lot of small and not furnished beach all around the lake. But you can also find some private and extremely comfortable beaches. Finally don’t forget that we are close to the Alps and the water can be very cold, depending on the wheather.

Lake Como beach are a lot and very different from each other, you just need to choose your favourite one!


San Giovanni

Beaches at "Le Ville" are 3 small beaches hidden and isolated. You can reach it just by feet.

Secret Beach

This beach for sure is not a secret! Is the biggest beach in Bellagio and is the only one with a bar and furnitures rental.

Lido di Lenno

Lido di Lenno is a private beach in Lenno. Paying the entrance you will find sand beach and a lot of comfort!

Pareo Beach

Located in Onno is one of the best beach on Bellagio shore. You will find a bar, music, great aperitivo but few parkings!

Colico shore

The upper area of the Lake is the most famous for beaches and Lido.

Loppia pier

If you want to feel like a local this is the perfect place. Loppia is a Bellagio hamlet where you can find a small beach and a pier where we love to swim!

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