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Big bench Bellagio

Big bench Bellagio

A new panoramic spot

To enjoy the view on the beautiful lake Como we have a new panoramic spot with a giant bench. Brand new, it is situated in the hamlet of Civenna, up on the mountains. The big bench has been already visited from many people to take a funny picture with an amazing background.

The first one lake Como

The big bench project has been created by the designer Chris Bangle and his wife Catherine. The main goal of this project is to promote the territory and its beauty. Even more important in this year. Especially Italy is trying to go back to normality after the hard year of the pandemic. More over this new way to look at the environment give us the possibility to see the beauty of our Country.

The hamlet of Civenna

Civenna is a Bellagio’s hamlet up on the mountains. Surrounded by green, woods and nature it is the perfect place to relax and breath fresh air. In summer the weather is cool and it is perfect to spend even just a day for a walk with family and friends. In conclusion you can reach Civenna from Bellagio by car or bus (around 15 minutes).


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