Lake Como and surroundings

Villa Serbelloni Garden – Bellagio

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Villa Serbelloni Garden is the promontory of Bellagio (ancient Bilacus) and has fascinated generations of visitors, like Gustave Flaubert, who wrote there moving words in 1845: “One would like to live here and die here”.
Among the legens about Lake Como there is one concerning the precise location of the two villas that Pliny the Younger built on the lakeshore years ago. One of them, called Tragoedia, seems to have been the origin of Villa Serbelloni, situated in one of the most spectacular places in the whole Lake Como.

During years the natural environment was greately exploited, since it lent itself perfectly to the creation of a wooded park, bisected by a long avenue taht still today leads up to the villa.
This avenue is flanked by terraces, hedges, flower beds and buildings designed to host young scholars in different fields of knowledge, wishing to think and create in a quiet atmosphere.

Villa Serbelloni Garden open this year on the 24th of March.
Guided tours are everyday (except on Monday) at 11 am and 3.30 pm.