Carnival’s week in Italy: traditions and celebrations

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Carnival’s week: Italian Tradition

Many Christian denominations observe Lent, a 40-day period of prayer, penitence, and fasting leading up to Easter. Carnival is the period of overindulgence before Lent, a sort of last chance to party. Several parts of the world have developed rich and elaborate Carnival traditions, some of which survive even in places where Lent is no longer observed

We celebrate this holiday allover the country before Easter. Typicals are public parades along the main streets of the cities where all the people wear a costume and throw “coriandoli” in the air (which are little pieces of colored paper”).

Venice Carnival

The most famous Carnival’s week in Italy is the one in Venice. In this days the city is full of colors and venecian masks.
The Carnival of Venice is an old celebration, dating back close to a thousand years, the city comes alive with arts and crafts, performances of music and drama, and both public and private parties.
The most distinguishing feature of the Venetian celebration is the extensive use of masks, the idea behind them is that you cannot tell the social statusof the person wearing one, so everyone is equal during Carnival. These days, Venice does a thriving trade in masks and costumes sold for the holiday, to tourists and locals alike.

Local Carnival

Did you know you can do it also in Bellagio?
During Canival’s week in Bellagio we have a big parade in the old town streets with costumes and a lot of fun!
It’s tipically a family holiday, schools are closed and kids can enjoy carnivals party.


Happy Carnival to all from Bellagio!